Retreat Products

ROAR on location in the Innes National Park
  • Full Day Retreats Includes Awesome lunch, refreshments, guidance, free canvas or VA diary and art materials, just 185 – 225 pp, per day. 
    • Let-Loose all day Get taken through a creative release process then unleash or enhance your own style. Can include afternoon plein air in the let-loose style.
    • Drawing Masterclass6 weeks of drawing techniques in one full day!
    • Painting MasterclassCover a range of painting techniques in one full day.
    • Painting the seaThe seascape is a romantic and challenging subject for both the budding and the experienced artist. Join us on this exciting retreat and explore with colour… just $225
    • Thick and thinIn the great outdoors and loving it. Come with us as we paint and draw Plein Air at some of the best locations around the Southern Yorke Peninsula, just $225
    • In the ROAR Full day focused on the human form, live model.
    • Plein AirAt various locations, can be part of a full day Retreat.
    • Respite Art WorkshopsFor people with disabilities and their Carers – arranged at a suitable venue.
  • Half Day Retreats Includes Refreshments, guidance and materials, just 85 pp.
    • Let-Loose – unleash or enhance your own style, half day.
    • Plein AirAt various locations, can be part of a full day Retreat.
    • Respite Art Workshops For people with disabilities and their Carers – arranged at a suitable venue.
  • Check our regular events:  Events every weekend, or arrange one on a day that suits you, minimum 2-4 people.
    • Packages from 1 to 5 DaysFull or Semi-Catered, can include accommodation.
    • Sunday Salon New to the 1st Sundays each month. Immerse yourself for 2 hours in mark making, drawing, painting and learning with like minded companions, just $25, please book ahead and pay cash on the day.
    • F-Art Times – Family Art Time, half day during School Holidays, includes refreshments and materials, 1 Adult with 2 Children (under 18), $10 per extra child. Pay as for a half day retreat below.
    • Art on the MoveWe can bring a retreat to your venue.
    • Design your own RetreatLet us create a fantastic event for your group (4-6)

To Register for any Retreat – Please click this link to register and find bank transfer details (take $5 off prices listed, if paying via bank transfer)

F-Art Times (Family Art Times group price)

Spend quality outside-the-square time with your kids or Grandkids! – everyone loves this unique art play time! Each session includes refreshments and snacks, art materials and inspiration, price per family (one Adult, 2 Children) Please register using the link above. If paying by bank transfer take $5 off the price here, ie. just $85 (bank details on the registration form link).


Half Day Workshop

Morning or Afternoon Workshop, three hours. Includes Refreshments, Art Materials, Tuition or Guidance, Inspiration and fun in an Inclusive, relaxed environment. Join an event or a Design-Specific Event for your group of 2-6 people. We can Let-loose, Focus on technical skills, Work in the Studio or self-drive guided tour to one of many exciting scenes or historic locations. Price is per person, per Workshop.


Thick & Thin or Painting by the Sea

Full Day onsite Plein Air, including lunch and refreshments.


Full Day Retreat

Full Day Retreat – Includes all Art Materials, Refreshments, Fabulous lunch, Tuition or guidance, Inspiration and fun in an inclusive, relaxed environment. Can be a combination of studio workshops and Plein Air (outdoor) workshops or all Studio time. To join a Let-Loose Day, Drawing Masterclass Day, Painting Masterclass Day or a design specific for your group of 2-6 people (please confirm price in that case). Prices are per person, per day, but group booking discounts can apply. (You are welcome to Pay via Paypal but please click our registration form link above to register as well. You will find bank transfer details on the registration form for payment – if doing bank transfer, please take the $5 paypal fee off the full day price listed on this page).


“In the ROAR” Day (life drawing/painting)

Full day focused on the human form, includes live model in the afternoon, lunch and refreshments.



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