Art Retreats on the beautiful Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

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Freedom of expression is Liberating, Meaningful and Memorable…

ROAR Art Escapes hold Art Retreat packages, Art days and workshops on the beautiful Southern Yorke Peninsula (SYP) South Australia, just 2.5 hours drive from Adelaide.

We believe that Art is for anyone. Beginners to experienced artists discover our ‘Let-Loose’ workshops – a creative release to help you connect to your intuitive, spontaneous self… discover or enhance your art, create freely in a supportive, friendly and fun atmosphere, without formulas or academic restrictions.

We use a spacious studio in Edithburgh , unless we are running the retreat out of another venue on the SYP.

ROAR’s plein air sessions get you out into the beautiful, bold and inspiring SYP environment. We accompany you to places of significant artistic value where you can spend the hours painting, drawing, photographing, writing, sculpting, igniting your senses or just dreaming to your creative hearts content.

Nicholas can teach you how to really see, with your eyes and not your mind. Helping to change your perceptions, switch your focus from the intellectual (left brain) mode and explore the power of the intuitive and naturally creative right brain.

Whether you want to visit scenic sites, challenge your artistic skills, pick up a brush for the first time or just experience the freedom of expression with art, you are sure to have a liberating, meaningful and memorable experience on one of our Art Escapes.

Yorke Peninsula

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